Find and nurture key talents in your organization with Makman’s accredited GCologists!

We are glad to announce that Makman now has two GCologists accredited directly from The GC Index®. The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organizations will identify and nurture key talent in the future; identifying people at all levels in organizations who will make the difference in 21st century performance.

Through this unique collaboration, Makman aims at helping its customers to identify and unleash Game Changers everywhere regardless of level and demographic in order to create Game-Changing cultures, moving the “fail safe” to one where it is “safe to fail”. We in Makman share The GC Index®’s belief that whilst not everyone can be a Game Changer, everyone can contribute to Game Changing actions, events and outcomes.


"Organizations Need Game-Changing Teams in Order to Compete in Today's Fast-Changing and Adaptive World"

The GC Index® is underpinned by a scientific framework and used to help us understand the potential impact of individuals and create team formations that really change the game and deliver growth.

The GC Index® framework helps organizations:

  • Identify the genuine and potential impact individuals will impact
  • Recruit, develop and manage game-changing talent.
  • Accelerate and drive change.
  • Boost individual and team performance.

The scientific framework

The GC Index® was created by Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher, and Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist, in collaboration with Management Expert, Professor Adrian Furnham, following The DNA of a Game Changer Study.

There are a large variety of workforce and psychological assessment tools in the market, but this is the only tool to measure proclivity – how individuals make their best impact, individually and collectively.

The team carried out thorough research to assess the validity and reliability before launching The GC Index®. It is compliant with the British Psychological Society and is uniquely designed around the fact everyone has the potential to make a game-changing contribution. The validity of the questions is tested on an ongoing basis in connection with our work with Professor Adrian Furnham.

Over the past two years we have grown a network of hundreds of GCologists, across the world, who use The GC Index® and thousands of individuals have been assessed using The GC Index®.

The GC Index® clients include:


gc index clients


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