Makman Technology Consulting (MTC) is a leading management consulting firm headquartered in Tallinn and Tripoli focusing mainly on capability and transformation consulting practice.

What distinguishes Makmanians is the continuous pursuit of knowledge and self-actualization, carrying ourselves with the determination to not only deliver and achieve our customers’ sought-after results but to also unlock their talents and brilliant reserves, this puts us ahead of the wave where we operate.

Our Purpose

We thrive to make life easier by humanizing everything digital.


Leading MENA's digital future.


We are the trusted digital advisers to our customers and partners alike, every day we simplify business complexities and make what others think impossible a reality.


Our impenetrable values are at the heart of what we do…

  • Integrity: Walk the talk, Morality is not enough, ethical behavior is key.
  • Passion: We are obsessed with what we do.
  • Simplicity: If we cannot explain it to grandmom, we don’t understand it.
  • Agility: We are a butterfly, not a caterpillar. We embrace Management 3.0.
  • Transcending our best: Sky is NOT the limit.


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