Fundamentals of Customer Centricity

This course provides TM Forum’s perspective on how to achieve Customer Centricity by leveraging the best practices developed by TM Forum members and the Frameworx suite of standards.

The course: 

  • shows you how TM Forum best practices answer some of the most often posed questions to find pragmatic solutions to common challenges faced by organizations striving to transform their culture and processes for optimum customer experience excellence;
  • introduces a range of tools and approaches available to organizations who wish to adopt a more customer centric focus;
  • shows how to gain a clearer knowledge of your customers’ behavior and intentions using data analytics; how to respond to customers through the channels that they choose (omnichannel), and how to use metrics to measure what matters to the customer as a yardstick of operational performance;
  • presents practical advice on how to plan and execute programs that will help acquire and retain customers, and increase profitability through improved customer satisfaction;
  • is presented in an easy to follow video format, with interactive quizzes to test your learning as you go along. 


Frameworx Overview course is recommended.

Who should attend?

  • All staff who are both directly and indirectly customer facing, including product development, marketing, sales, billing, CSR, retail, support, IT systems and web designers etc., to understand the need to see your organization as customers see it.
  • Managers and senior personnel who want to implement a customer centric based management approach across their organization.
  • Anyone involved in a CEM implementation project who is unsure of where to start or what to do next.

What will you learn?

Exclusive to TM Forum training, you will learn about ways to measure customer experience including our industry-developed best practices:

  • Customer Experience Management Maturity Model
  • Customer Experience Management Business Metrics

and how to:

  • Understand the key concepts & business drivers of customer centricity.
    Apply the TM Forum’s Customer Lifecycle Model to better understand how a Customer interacts with a Business throughout their “journey”.
  • Identify customer journeys and the touch-points between you and your customers.
  • Move from a technology-based approach to one based on the customers’ perspective.
  • Create and apply use-cases to better manage a CC project.
  • Use data analytics and the Big Data Analytics Reference Model to drive personalized customer experiences.
  • Deal with customer journeys on the customer’s terms and provide an ‘omnichannel’ experience.
  • And finally, how to measure success.

Course syllabus 

  • Module 1: What is Customer Centricity?
  • Module 2 :Frameworx and Customer Centricity
  • Module 3: Customer Centric Business
  • Module 4: The Customer Experience Lifecycle
  • Module 5: Omnichannel
  • Module 6: Data Analytics
  • Module 7: The Customer Experience Management Maturity Model
  • Module 8: Metrics
  • Module 9: Other Metrics
  • Module 10: The importance of Creating a Customer Centric Culture
  • Module 11: TM Forum Assets

Course language: Arabic/ English.


The standard list price for this course is LYD 3,800 per person. However, we are providing exclusive discounts, for a limited time (until December 31st, 2019):

  • For 1-10 people, the cost is LYD 3,000 per person.
  • After that, every extra person will receive the course at LYD 2,800.

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