PMP Combo: PM Tricks of the Trade® + PMP® Exam Prep in Istanbul, Turkey!

The Project Management Professional COMBO course (PMP® Combo) is specifically designed for project managers who need exam preparation training AND a refresher on project management fundamentals. It entails six (6) consecutive days of training and two exceptional courses. This course entails 36 hours of training over the course of six consecutive days and provides completion certificates approved by RMC Learning Solutions®, Project Management Institute (PMI®).

On the first four days of the course, students will participate in RMC's Project Management Tricks of the Trade course, designed to assist the student in understanding and applying the International Standards for project management on real-world projects. In this course, students learn real-world PM techniques, plus Tricks of the Trade® for dealing with issues that project managers face every day. In addition, students will share their real-world project experiences with other PMs in a variety of industries. Learn to translate the International Standards for Project Management into real-world project management techniques and real-world applications! Project Management Tricks of the Trade® is designed for project managers, team members, project offices and senior managers looking to acquire a firm grasp of specific steps in the project management process, or of the entire process from beginning to end. In addition, because this course teaches students how to apply International PM standards in the real world, it can be taken as additional prep for people looking to earn one of a number of Internationally-recognized project management certifications.

On the last two days, the training shifts specifically to the PMP® exam itself, where students will receive 16 hours of intensive and highly-focused exam preparation training. This accelerated learning course is designed to help you prepare for the PMP® Exam— and gain the most understanding of project management with the least amount of study. Developed by Rita Mulcahy, this course is designed to decrease your after-class study time from hundreds of hours to less than 40. Unique features of this course include games, exercises, case studies and other tools to help you understand—not memorize—the concepts necessary to pass the PMP® exam.

Course details:

  • Duration: Six days. Including weekend.
  • Time: 08:30AM – 15:30 PM, daily.
  • Venue: Marriott Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Coffee break(s) and lunch are included
  • Cost per person: $ 2,250

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Combo attendees must bring their PMBOK® Guide to the first day of the combo course.

Please review course details for both the PMP® Exam Prep Course and the Project Management Tricks of the Trade® course, so you are prepared before class begins. There is pre-work to be completed before you arrive.

If you are staying in a hotel for this course, you might also consider bringing a laptop or tablet computer if you would like to begin working in the evenings with PM FASTrack®, RMC's PMP® exam simulation software.

It is RMC's objective to have you dramatically decrease your study time for the PMP® exam by taking this additional class, yet this is a learning class, not just a class to memorize facts for the exam. How much you can decrease study time will depend on you. Past participants who have been using project management in the real-world have needed to study only 8 hours after this combo course.

This offer includes RMC’s complete PMP® Prep. System:

  • PMP® Exam Prep (Hard Copy), Ninth Edition- for each participant.
  • PM FASTrack® Cloud, Ninth Edition- for each participant.
  • Hot Topics Flashcards (flip book)- for each participant.
  • These new editions of the worldwide best-selling PMP® exam preparation products are specifically written for the latest version of the PMP® examination (for exams taken AFTER March 26th, 2018). They are aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Sixth Edition.


Why take this course?

  • You need it: Over two-thirds of students who have taken the PMP® Exam Prep course wish they had taken this class but did not know they needed it. And most of the students that have taken other project management courses realized they could have used a comprehensive, basic course.
  • Passing rate: This class will give you all of the Fundamentals of PM knowledge that you need to increase your chances of passing the PMP® exam!
  • Study time needed: It is expected that the Combination Course will decrease your study time by at least 10 hours. However, the real reason to take this course is to increase your understanding of PMI® terminology and application in the real world.
  • Get your hours: Get the 37 hours of project management training needed to take the Project Management Institute's PMP® Exam.

Course outline:

Days 1 thru 4: Tricks of the Trade®

  • Understanding Project Management
    • What is project management?
    • The project management life cycle
  • Project Initiating
    • Tricks of the Trade® for getting started
    • Providing the target – the Project Charter
    • Individual Exercise – Charter
  • Project Planning
    • Clarifying and defining project objectives – the Scope Statement
    • Tricks for obtaining a finalized scope of work
    • Tricks for determining what needs to be done – The Work Breakdown Structure
    • Group and individual exercises – Work Breakdown Structure
    • Determining who does what – Staffing the project with Responsibility Charts
    • The role of team planning
    • Determining how the project will be completed – Network Diagrams, Critical Path
    • The role of the team in planning
    • Determining how the project will be completed – Network Diagrams, Critical Path
    • Individual Exercise - Network Diagram, Critical Path
    • Determining how long it will take – Estimating (overview only)
    • The role of the project manager during estimating
    • Determining how much it will cost – Budgeting
    • Determining when each part will be done – Scheduling
    • Adjusting time and cost to any required objectives – Crashing and Fast Tracking
    • Exercise - Creating Communications Plans, Management Plans
    • Determining areas of potential problems - Risk Management (overview only, see RMC's Tricks of the Trade® for Risk Management course for more information
    • Gaining buy-in
    • Tricks of the Trade® for preventing common project problem
  • Project Executing and Controlling
    • Tricks of the Trade® for controlling projects
    • Meeting goals, objectives and deadlines – Scope Management
    • What needs to be controlled – Project Control
    • What to watch for during executing
    • Common problems during executing
    • Rules for effective meetings
    • What should be included in a project report – Reporting
    • Preventing padding
    • Collecting task status
    • Percent Complete
    • Group Exercise – Creating a project control system
    • Tricks of the Trade® for ensuring performance
    • Improving cooperation and communication
    • Tricks of the Trade® for Change Management
    • Tricks of the Trade® for preventing common problems during executing
  • Project Closing
    • Finishing the product
    • Lessons learned
    • Creating historical records
    • Gaining final acceptance

Days 5 and 6: PMP® Exam Prep

  • Why is taking the exam important?
  • Overview of the PMP® exam:
    • How to study and create a study plan
    • Tricks for memorizing formulas
    • Tricks to help you understand how the PMP® questions are written
    • Tricks for shortening your study time
    • Tricks for taking the exam
    • Tricks for finding holes in your project management knowledge
    • Reasons people fail the exam and how to make sure you do not do the same
    • Exercises to help you understand, memorize and conceptualize the information you need to know, right in class, including those dreaded formulas
  • Understanding PMI®-isms: detailed coverage of:
    • The process of project management
    • The framework of project management
    • Integration management
    • Scope management
    • Time management
    • Cost management
    • Quality management
    • Human resources management
    • Communications management
    • Risk management
    • Procurement management

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Makman can handle all of your logistics (such as visa, travel, and accomodation) , at an extra cost.

Extras (for extra cost):

  • PMI® membership cost per person: $150
  • PMBOK® per person: $60
  • PMP® exam registration per person: $450 

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